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设备名称 Fischione 1010 Ion Milling and Polishing System
型号 Model 1010 制造商 FISCHIONE
晶元尺寸 Other Vintage -
销售状态 销售中 设备状态 维修中
数据 Tabletop precision ion milling and polishing system

-Two independently adjustable Hollow Anode Discharge (HAD) ion sources.
-High or low energy operation for either rapid milling or more gentle specimen polishing.
-Individual, automatic ion source gas control.
-Oil-free vacuum system.
-Continuously adjustable milling angle.
-Specimen rotation or rocking.
-Accommodates SEM samples.
-Chemically assisted and reactive etching.
-Automatic termination.
-Liquid nitrogen-cooled specimen stage.
-7 to 45X stereo microscope for direct specimen observation.
-High-magnification microscope and CCD camera.
  - 总公司: 3, Tongjeong 3-ro, Dongnam-gu, Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea ,31208
  - 电话: 82-41-554-6920~1 传真: 82-41-554-6922